Choosing the best and skilled surgeon, is one of the most important factor in a nose surgery. To choose the surgeon, you should consider following points:

– Surgeon’s background                               – Surgeon’s creativity and experience

Performing nose surgery is becoming more popular. Choosing the best surgeon is one of the most important factor to reach the best outcome. Fleshy nose means to have less cartilage with thick skin, which make this surgery bit complex than bony nose surgery.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes any defects of the ear. In some cases, ears are not symmetric or auricle is more depression than the other one. These defects are always congenital, or result from damages or accidents.

With bony nose surgery, detects such as hump, will be improved. An otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon, Dr. Atousa Zeighami, performs this surgery in the best way.Those who have hump on their nose, are dissatisfied about their appearance.

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