Bony Nose Surgery

With bony nose surgery, detects such as hump, will be improved. An otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon, Dr. Atousa Zeighami, performs this surgery in the best way.


Those who have hump on their nose, are dissatisfied about their appearance. Bony nose has congenital causes. In this type of noses, cartilage grows more and appears as a hump.

Trauma and damages during childhood, is another cause of appearing bony nose. So, harmony and proportion of the nose with other parts of the face will be disarranged and affects on patient’s confidence.

Bony nose surgery

Recurrence of bony nose is so rare. Considering post op care of this surgery is so important. This surgery is done under local anesthesia with no pain and discomfort.

Post op care of bony nose surgery

It’s better for patients to have a rest for 3 days.

They should use prescribed drugs, regularly.

Patients should avoid to do heavy activities such as, doing heavy activities or lifting heavy things.

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