Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Cosmetic nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty, improves detects of the nose and its appearance, such as deviation or hump of the nose.


Types of noses

Bony nose

Thin skin and strong cartilage are main features of a bony nose. These noses are characterized by hump and deviation.

Fleshy noses

These noses are characterized by wide and thick skin and appearance. Those who have these noses, will have natural nose surgery, because there is no strong cartilage and then doesn’t show the changes.

Result of the surgery depends on type of the skin. Thin skins or bony noses show the best results, are best candidates for fantasy nose surgery.

Post op cares of nose surgery

  1. Apply ice pack, 48 hours after surgery
  2. Avoid laughing, at least 1 week after surgery
  3. Avoid to eat tight foods and try to follow a soft and liquid food
  4. Put some pillow under your head and keep your head up
  5. Avoid to sniff
  6. Clean your nose with a solution to prevent dryness of the nose
  7. Use prescribed drugs
  8. Avoid to smoke
  9. Avoid to do heavy activities and exercises, for about 6 weeks
  10. Keep your nose dry
  11. Inform your surgeon, if having bleeding

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