Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes any defects of the ear. In some cases, ears are not symmetric or auricle is more depression than the other one. These defects are always congenital, or result from damages or accidents. These defects can affect on appearance and confidence.

Candidates of otoplasty are those who have big and prominent ears. During this surgery, cartilages are improved and ears returns back and place in their primary and natural way.


Otoplasty procedure

This surgery is done under local and general anesthesia. After that,  incisions are created behind the nose, and surgeon can access to the cartilages and does the procedures. Excess skin will be removed and cartilages is reshaped. Incisions are not visible and will be faded after a while. Otoplasty lasts about 2 hours and depends on the procedures.

During this surgery, various methods are used, depending on the surgeon’s opinion and amount of the changes.

Post op care of otoplasty

After surgery, a bandage is put around your head, to fix position of the ear and prevents infection.

Please, sleep in a way that enters no pressure to ear, to reduce swelling and bruising.

After surgery, wound should be cleaned, regularly and use antibiotics and prescribed drugs.

The bandage should be dry, so, you can not take a shower.

Any activities which increase the blood pressure, should be limited.

Patients can return to their work, 1 week after surgery.

The best outcome will be seen, 3 months after surgery.

Ok, keep in mind that this surgery reduces size of the ears and create more harmony in your face.

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